Software Technical Documentation

Data Titan has written thousands of software technical documents for a wide range of companies throughout the country and across a wide-swatch of business segments.  Some of the diverse types of businesses we have written content for include dental practices and laboratories, national wholesalers, national insurance providers, commercial and residential real estate companies, construction companies, medical ambulatory providers, engineering firms, mortgage providers, medical and food processing manufacturing, restaurants and numerous software application systems.

Software Technology Consulting

DataTitan has worked with hundreds of companies providing real, measurable ROI.  Our software technology consulting services include software architecture and design (UX/UI), Master Scope Documentation (MSD) for software and mobile apps development, Reverse Software Engineering (RSE), process automation, software wireframing, Statement of Work (SOW) development, software project management and consulting, Sharable Content Object Reference Models (SCROM) and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Software Educational & Training

If you have ever said to yourself "Why do these same problems keep happening over and over again?" or "Why does Department X keep missing their productivity goals?" or "Will tribal knowledge ever stop ruling this company?", you are not alone.  Insufficient or lack of timely and easily distributed content to employees and staff is one of the largest drains on productivity, and as a result, profitability.  At DataTitan, we have produced hundreds of software training solutions across numerous market segments, public and private, and we are ready to help you recapture lost productivity, improve morale and eliminate wasted time.

Why Choose Data Titan?

I'm John Tomblin, and our small firm is about supporting and developing the people and technology that drive the small business enterprise.

By design, we are a small firm that has been helping small businesses achieve their software business goals since 2004.  Our work has been featured on local news stations, Good Morning America (ABC) and The History Channel.  We've even been featured on the nightly national news ABS/CBN in Asia.

We have testimonial letters, names and phone numbers of people you can call right now to learn more about how we've helped small businesses across the Southwestern states achieve their real estate business goals, goals we can achieve for your business as well.

Call us at 623-845-2747, and let us prove to you why so many companies choose Data Titan as their small business partner.