Custom Software Development

Custom Software and Mobile App Development Company

Data Titan offers custom-designed, turn-key software, mobile, database, and SaaS development services for the U.S. small business marketplace. Contact us at (623) 845-2747 to learn more.

Mobile Apps for Small Business

Mobile App Development for Apple and Google

Our customers' mobile apps have been featured on news talk radio, television and print, and are utilized by B2b, B2c and D2c businesses and consumers across all fifty states.  That's why small businesses choose Data Titan as their go-to technology partner.  Contact us at (623) 845-2747 to learn more.

Prototyping Services

Prototyping for Small Business

For small, well-established businesses, start-ups, or angel-funded go-to-market ventures, Data Titan offers end-to-end prototyping for projects requiring investment funding and short- and long-term financing.  Contact us at (623) 845-2747 to learn more.

Application Architecture

Application Architecture, Prototyping and UX/UI Design

UX/UI design services, prototyping, wireframing and Master Scope Development (MSD) services.  To learn more, contact us at (623) 845-2747.

System Integrations

APIs and System Integrations

Data Titan's software architects and engineers provide best-in-class integration services for small businesses needing high-performing, secure, and readymade APIs that connect your business to the world. To learn more, contact us at (623) 845-2747.

Systems Architecture

Application Architecture

Are you tired of spreadsheets yet? Data Titan offers nearly two decades of application architecture designed to capture every business and programming requirement, along with every component screen associated with a project.  Whether your company needs a small e-Commerce or m-Commerce platform, or an ERP software solution that connects internal and external business operations across the USA, Data Titan knows how to produce results.  To learn more, contact us at (623) 845-2747.

Legacy Systems

Legacy Application and Redesign

Has your business outgrown its processes, or worse, is your system now obsolete because sales have eclipsed your original application design? Let Data Titan help you migrate your processes into a current, effective, and cost-efficient solution. To learn more, contact us at (623) 845-2747.


Technology Consulting

Sometimes too many choices can make choosing a path more difficult than the path itself. At Data Titan, we know how to navigate the technology waters. We know the right questions to ask, and the results that follow. To learn more, contact us at (623) 845-2747.


What We Do?


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Mobile Development

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Web Development

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Prototyping >> Albert Einstein once famously said “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it” We agree! A prototype is an early entry of a model or a first…More DetailsPrototyping


UX/UI Design >> Aldous Huxley, the author of ‘A Brave New World”, once said: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored’, and nowhere is this adage truer…More DetailsDesign


Technical Documentation >> At Data Titan, we understand the value and importance of software documentation. In fact, we’ve written thousands of documents for software applications, database systems, and mobile apps.…More DetailsDocumentation


Software Training >> A simple but important learning precept is; “Give a man a fish and you feed his family for a day. Teach a man to fish and you…More DetailsTraining

What we do

We Are a National Technology Solution Provider


Apple Mobile Apps

We design, build and manage native iOS applications using Xcode source.

Google Apps

We design, build and manage native JAVA code for Google mobile apps.

Web Applications

We design, redesign, launch, host and manage web-based applications serving the masses.

Technology Consulting

We provide best-in-class consulting services to small- to mid-sized companies.

UX/UI & Prototyping

A software project without a visual roadmap is a project that will soon fail.

Continual Improvement

Software projects never end.  They simply transition to their next iteration of success.




Scoping Meetings


Companies Served


Software Development

Let The Scoping Begin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of a wireframe?  At Data Titan, we provide every detail needed to ensure your project launch is successful, and with maximum ROI.

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Serving the Small Business Marketplace

Small business is the backbone of this great nation, creating 8 out of every 10 new jobs, and producing 50% of the nation's GDP.  At Data Titan, we work with you and your stakeholders to ensure your small doesn't just maintain market share, but expands it, producing better products and services, adding to your workforce, and providing your customers with real value.


As the adage goes "Slow wins the race"... even in technology.  Data Titan has been serving the small business community for 18+ years and has designed hundreds of websites and over $20MM in web-based applications and mobile apps.  Our clients include start-ups, angel- and grant-funded ventures, along with companies in business at least five years.  Our web-based applications, e-Commerce sites and mobile apps have been featured on ABC's Good Morning America, The History Channel, local and regional news programs, as well as local and regional talk radio.

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Our Team

Phoenix Team

John Tomblin

Senior Software Architect

Joannah Tomblin

General Manager

Luu Richards

Business Analyst

Damian Becerra

UX/UI Designer


For current and new projects, contact us at one of our two locations:

Phoenix, AZ: 4537 West Claremont, Glendale, AZ 85301
(623) 845-2747

Los Angeles, CA: 5482 Wilshire Blvd Suite 2841, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(909) 997-4393