Just the Facts

Year Established: 2004
Projects Showcase: Good Morning America, The History Channel, ABS-CBN Asia, KSAT12 - San Antonio, Texas, WFAA8 - Dallas, Texas
Completed Projects: 200+
Completed Wireframes: 35,000+
Average Project Duration: 90-180 days
Longest Project Duration: 5+ years
Shortest Project Duration: 4 days
Largest Public Client: United States Air Force (USAF)
Largest Private Client: Fidelity National Financial (NYSE-FNF)
Most Visitors to a single site in a 24 hour period: 14,000
Our Brands: Sofvue, LLC is an Arizona corporation, and it's brands include Data Titan, Building Atlas, Office Atlas, Condo Atlas, Air West Drones, Apartment Atlas, Los Angeles Atlas and High Rise Magazine.

Data Titan has been providing an extensive array of technology solutions for small businesses across the country since 2004, and for three simple reasons. First, we listen very carefully, from the first moment we meet to the last moment a project is fulfilled. Second, we are not a sales-driven company, we are solutions driven. We want you to be our customer for decades, not weeks or months. Lastly, we only engage in 10% of all the projects that come our way, and only when we know we are both the right fit and the best solution for you, based on your project goals. When we're not the perfect fit, we work with numerous companies from the U.S. and several countries abroad and we will help you locate the right match.

To learn more about Data Titan, watch case study videos, or to learn more about our other brands, contact us at 623-845-2747.

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