Tempe Arizona

Tempe Arizona Software Development

Serving the entire Tempe marketplace, Data Titan, known to our clients and friends as "the titans", provides numerous services across a wide swath of the marketplace.

For mobile app development in Tempe, we offer:

Native Mobile Development

We provide native application development on both the iOS and Google frameworks, using the latest Xcode technology for Apple and Google's Android development platform. Additionally, for companies choosing cross-platform development, or for companies who need updates and feature-adds to the existing mobile apps, we offer Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native services. We also offer wearable technology development for both Apple and Google. Be sure to ask us for our wearable platform development brochure to learn more.

We never want to see this happen with any project, but sometimes projects need to be rescued, or in other cases, for a long list of reasons, a development company or programmer(s) either become unavailable or unable to complete a project. This is particularly true for projects that never received the attention they deserved from the start. If you find yourself in this situation, we offer in-depth project takeovers. Call to learn more.

For software development in Tempe, we offer:

Custom Software Development

Creating an award-winning web application that people want to use takes much more than a beautiful interface. At Data Titan, we take a six-tiered approach to every project, starting with an initial discovery call to identify whether we are the right fit for your project. We then carefully examine your user audience, and your goals, to ensure we can deliver a web application, SaaS or IaaS, that meets your visitors or employees needs to complete their "user journey", whether it's creating an e-prescription system for the dental industry, a CMS to manage customer service calls for an HVAC company, an online business store, fulfilling a financial service or producing storage content for the cloud. To achieve these and similar goals for small businesses in B2b, V2b, and B2c, we develop solutions on the Microsoft framework (.NET), as well as Python (Django and Pyramid), Java, PHP (Laravel and Symphony), Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and others.

Technology Consulting

For start-ups, retailers, and wholesaler-centric projects, 83% of all mobile apps on the planet fail outright, and it's nearly an equal percentage for application systems. Why? There are three core reasons. 1) The project is underfunded. 2) The go-to-market strategy fails. 3) The application's design and development strategy prevent it ever being finished (scope bloat).

At Data Titan, we understand the obstacles and challenges, and we've designed and successfully developed $20MM+ in application, mobile, and technology-based solutions for companies across the country, and our go-to-market deployment rate is 95%. Why is our success rate so high? Because we've spent nearly twenty years perfecting our craft. We are continually learning new information and processes every day, and we combine what we’ve learned with your project goals into a sophisticated model that works.

Whether you are an established business with a 100-year track record, or you are a start-up with a few “getting started” questions, give us a call at 623-845-2747.