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“A Failure to plan Is a plan for failure.” The right planning for software or web development lays the foundation to control the expected outcome of a custom software, web, mobile or database driven project. Good planning also identifies problematic issues at the beginning of the process, which for many projects can become very costly if unchecked later rather than sooner. To this end and to ensure project success, Data Titan provides four planning approaches for web, mobile and database projects:

  •  For non-database driven websites, we offer a simple but effective low-fidelity wireframe and content creation service. Using this approach, most websites, after gathering the screens and content, are completed, and launched in under a week.
  •  For mobile apps and web-based applications that do not require accurate cost estimating, but are database driven, our D2 approach produces a suitable RFQ/rfp document identifying the modules, components, component regions, artifacts and list of features and business requirements needed to determine what it might cost to develop a solution. This approach is only used when a company is short on time and wants to acquire a wide range of cost estimates to determine whether the project is feasible and/or will require additional funding capital.
  • For projects requiring a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or a demonstrable presentation or proof- of-concept, nothing compares to our rapid prototyping and wireframing service. Using this planning approach, we produce all the required UX/UI screens and components, using either low-, mid- or high-fidelity wireframing, along with our proven business and programming capture tools so every requirement is defined. The three wireframing/mock-up tools we use are Balsamiq, Lucid Charts and our own in-house development solution. Wire Atlas. We detail each of these tools at the onset of your project so you can decide which path works best for your specific project needs.
  • For established companies in business for 5 or more years, we provide the same planning approach as described in (D3) above, but with one additional component, exact cost estimating and financing packages. Data Titan has numerous relationships with finance companies in both the US and Canada, as well as financial institutions and private equity firms that provide short-term funding solutions for projects starting between S150K and S250K, and private angel funding for projects starting above SIMM.

To learn more, contact us at (623) 845-2747 and ask for our “Planning for your Company’s Technology Future” brochure providing more details, examples, and case studies from past projects.