Software Technical Documentation

Software Technical Documentation

At Data Titan, we live by a simple mantra... "Tribal knowledge shall not rule the day."

Too often in business, processes, methodologies and delivery/process and manufacturing approaches become entrenched into the minds of a select few.  This is not intentional.  Rather, it is the result of key personnel making “best practice” decisions at the exact moment in time they are needed, often at the expense of the very process people should follow.  Over time, these individuals accumulate so much "tribal" knowledge they become the single greatest point of information, but also the single greatest point of failure.

Whether through termination, job transfer, retirement, relocation to another city, medical leave or death, their departure can leave a vacuum that cannot be replaced.

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At Data Titan, we understand the four key objectives met when following professionally written and documented processes.  To learn more about each of these objectives, contact us at 623-845-2747 to watch our "Four Key Objectives" explainer video.