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Data Titan is a software development, technology and consulting firm specializing in custom solutions for companies with less than 200 employees. We transform ideas and mission-critical requirements into working solutions that drive today’s business world. Our areas of specialization include all small B2b companies, insurance and financial services and lending firms, dental and dental fabrication, transportation logistic companies, manufacturing with the B2b public and private market segments, commercial real estate sales, leasing and property management firms, residential brokerage firms, construction and construction vendor companies and real estate vendors supporting the industry (mortgage, appraisal, inspection, pest control, HVAC, security, pool companies, etc.)

Since 2004, we’ve developed hundreds of solutions, from intra- and extranet databases for large insurance companies, to dental laboratory fabrication and dental practice e-prescription systems to educational solutions for large state TASK programs, we have done it all. For small businesses, we’ve developed company websites, Customer Relationship Management systems, numerous prototypes and Master Scope Documents (SOW’s). Through it all, and in all our years of experience, we’ve learned that every project must achieve four core outcomes.

  • Increase productivity of employees, staff and management personnel.
  • Lower operational overhead costs by reducing the amount of time it takes to complete work tasks.
  • Each $1.00 spent should yield $2.00 in ROI.
  • Improve processes for employees, management staff, accounting and most importantly, your customers.

We provide consulting and software development services covering eleven key areas:

  • Custom Software
  • Web Based Cloud Applications
  • iOS Mobile Apps
  • Android Mobile Apps
  • Application UX/UI Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Database Systems
  • DBA Architecture & Design
  • Legacy System Conversions
  • SQL Server Configuration and Management
  • MySQL Development

At Data Titan, we understand the six key requirements that must be realized when creating custom software solutions. To learn more about each of these requirements, how they impact your company and how they determine success for your project, contact us at (623) 845-2747 and ask us for the link to our “Six Steps to Success” explainer video.