Software Consulting

Software Technology Consulting

Data Titan's technology consulting services include;

Custom Software Architecture (UX/UI) & Prototyping

For companies who demand absolute precision over their company's software systems, nothing compares to Data Titan's architectural control and prototyping system.  In truth, most small companies believe the steps to software development are (1) hire one or more programmers, (2) tell the programmers what to program, (3) wait for the programmers to complete programming and (4) find a hosting provider and launch the software.  Nothing could be further from the truth -- nothing.  In fact, many software projects not only fail, but cost three, four and five times more to develop than they should have, and for good reason.  Most small business owners and stakeholders, by no fault of their own, do not have the knowledge or experience needed to effectively develop custom software, key knowledge and processes that should have been known from the first day of development.

At DataTitan, we do not think we have a better solution, we know it, and we can prove it. We have prototyped hundreds of custom desktop and mobile application solutions for some of the biggest companies in the country. In fact, we have documented the completion of at least 35,000 wireframes and over 700,000 programming, business and algorithm requirements for a wide array of software solutions. We have performed work and completed projects for the U.S.A.F., the University of Texas at San Antonio and Fidelity National Financial. We even completed a project financed by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

To learn more about and watch our " Six Steps to Better Software" video explaining how each of our client projects key objectives are fulfilled, as well as how we can save your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity and time, call us at 623-845-2747.

Cost Benefit Analysis Consulting

Consider the following use case.  Assume for a moment you have 100 employees walking 40 steps each time they need access to the closet copier, then 40 steps back to their desk.  Next, assume they perform this same task everyday of the week, 50 weeks a year.  Now assume you were paying each person an average of $23 per hour.  Based on this scenario, how much money would you save per year if you installed three more copiers (at a monthly amortized costs of $500 per month for each copier ($18,000 per annum), in strategic locations, reducing foot traffic by 70% per day, and assuming each round trip for each employee, including time at the copier, is seven minutes?

By doing nothing, your employee labor costs remain a staggering $338,000 per year.  However, if you were to implement a process-plan like the one described above, you would reduce labor costs $218,670 per year.  That's a significant savings, but it's still not an accurate representation of the process improvement.  What about the amount of time people save not waiting for the person ahead of them to finish making copies?  What about the reduction of "water cooler" chatter by the copier, as well as helping employees stay better focused on their responsibilities?  Although not as easily measured, they are no less important than the measurable components.  It's only when you consider all these elements together that you begin to see the real ROI that such an endeavor would produce.

To learn more about and watch our fascinating "Digital Senders Case Study" video explaining how we saved one company over a million dollars per year, as well as how your company can recapture lost productivity and time, call us at 623-845-2747.

Reverse Software Engineering

The single greatest threat to your software systems is not whether it's being backed-up properly in the cloud, it's what happens if your key developer/programmer(s) leave the company or become ill and cannot work.

At Data Titan, we work directly with your IT stakeholders, Project Managers and Project Owners to achieve a singular goal -- document all the tribal knowledge of your company's software into a living document that catalogs every module, component, element, user story, along with every programming, business and algorithm requirement that drives the software, this so your company has what it needs to advance its mission critical business goals.

To learn more about and watch our "Five Step Strategy" video explaining how we work with your team to reverse engineer your company’s software, as well as how your company can disperse tribal knowledge, call us at 623-845-2747.