Since 2004, Data Titan has completed over 200 software projects for hundreds of companies and helped save millions of dollars in lost productivity and ROI.


Given the new world we live in, mobile and work are quickly becoming synonymous. At Data Titan, we are here to help you do exactly that -- go mobile.


At Data Titan, we have the technical chops to deliver a wide array of web solutions and complex web-based internet applications for small businesses across the nation.


At Data Titan, our mantra is "We are your small business advocate." Let us show how to trim thousands of dollars of otherwise lost productivity time and ROI off your bottom line.


"A failure to plan is a plan for failure". At Data Titan, we know exactly how to plan your software or mobile project to ensure the guaranteed outcome you expect.


Albert Einstein once famously said "If I can't picture it, I can't understand it." We agree, and that's exactly why we prototype every project before any programming work begins.


At Data Titan, we have designed hundreds of websites, mobile apps and software applications for small businesses, and within reasonable budgets that produce ROI.


From software technical writing to complex Disaster Recovery Plans, Data Titan has the team and reources to fulfill all your documentation requirements.


Whether it's on-site, remote, written or video, Data Titan has produced thousands of hours of training media for all types of software and mobile apps!

Why Choose Data Titan?

I'm John Tomblin, co-founder of Sofvue, LLC. Sofvue owns and operates five brands in the marketplace including Data Titan, Office Atlas, Airwest Drones, High Rise Magazine and Phoenix Bizz. Our small firm is about supporting and developing the people and technology that drive small business across America.

By design, we have purposely remained small to ensure that we remain nimble so we can help small businesses maximize their business goals, something we've helped hundreds of companies accomplish since 2004. Additionally, our work has been featured on local news stations, Good Morning America (ABC) and The History Channel. We've even been featured on the nightly national news ABS/CBN in Asia.

We have many testimonial letters, names and phone numbers of people you can call today to learn more about how we've helped small businesses across the country achieve their business goals, goals we can achieve for your business as well.

Call us at 623-845-2747 and let us prove to you why so many companies choose Data Titan as their small business resource partner.