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Albert Einstein once famously said “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it” We agree! A prototype is an early entry of a model or a first release of something never before seen or built. In the case of software, mobile apps and database systems, Data Titan utilizes five different techniques in designing custom solutions. Each has its merits, but regardless of which option your choose, the goal is the same; provide a documented vision of the solution to be developed that’s sufficient enough so people will understand what is being built, and not just employees and stakeholders, but programmers, project owners, project engineers, project managers and principals. Additionally, we will work with you and your team to decide the best options to meet your goals.

Data Titan offers five options to accommodate virtually any budget, and regardless of which option you choose, all content is yours. We do not copyright or license the content in any way, and we work with you to ensure your project details are communicated effectively and securely. Prototyping options include:

  • Low-Fidelity Wireframing: This option identifies the components and placement of elements. Each is then assembled into our proven naming schema, so no detail is overlooked. We have developed thousands of low-fidelity wireframes, from B2c e-commerce to corporate CRM’s to scientific research portals, and we have the expertise and knowledge stack your project demands.
  • Mid-Fidelity Wireframing: This option is a step-up from low-fidelity and includes more detail. Our mid-fidelity solution goes much deeper and not only captures the modules, components, artifacts, elements, and component regions, but all the programming and business requirements needed for a hand-off to programming. Additionally, our mid-fidelity solution provides an incredible opportunity for companies to eliminate all tribal knowledge associated with the inner-workings of their company software and/or mobile apps, allowing for complete software control. Also, be sure to ask us about our DRP and RE strategy, and how both can be leveraged with your company’s future growth in mind.
  • High-Fidelity Wireframing: A client once asked us to wireframe an application at the pixel level… and that’s exactly what we did. High-Fidelity wireframes eliminate all doubt, disperses all tribal knowledge, and erases all associated risk — the three biggest obstacles to software development. We accomplish this by offering Wire Atlas, our proprietary solution only available to Data Titan customers. With Wire Atlas, there are no limits. We have developed tens of thousands of high-fidelity wireframes for companies large and small, including medical ambulatory, e-prescription dental systems, laboratory fabrication systems and many others. If you want to change the RGB color for a single pixel, our system facilitates that change. That’s the level of detail we can provide.
  • Demonstration Prototype: Using one of the three solutions above, Data Titan can craft a presentation that demonstrates your prototype using one of two approaches, either a LIVE or VIDEO presentation. For LIVE demonstrations, we come to your audience and present. We’ve delivered live presentations to audiences from 10 people to 300, in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. For VIDEO presentations, we will write, screen-cast, edit and produce a finished video that demonstrates your web-based or mobile app solution to your intended audience, whether stakeholders, employees, management, lender, or angel investors.
  • Functional Prototype: For highly complex projects or for difficult to demonstrate solutions, a functional prototype may be required. With functional prototypes, we create a functional working database system that can be shared and used by test users via your company intranet or a cloud-based provider. Functional prototypes allow users to “pound the keyboard’ and provide direct feedback to stakeholders detailing what works, what does not, and what needs improvement. Whether you have five test users or five-hundred, information is gathered and analyzed for accuracy. Once stakeholders approve the “change stack ”, the prototype is updated and the process repeats. Once the prototype is deemed complete, it undergoes a transition to its native source code, whether .NET, PHP, Xcode, Android, or any required combination, and launched.

To learn more, see our brochure of prototyping and mock-up examples, contact us at 623-845-2747 and ask for our “Sample Prototyping” brochure. It has dozens of examples showcasing our work and expertise, and how we can apply these same skills to your coming project.