Our Story

John Tomblin - Sofvue

2004 | A New Beginning

Data Titan was founded in San Antonio, Texas by John and Joannah Tomblin. John was an early adopter of information technology, and after serving nine years (1995-2004) as Director of Information Services, Education and Regional IT Director (Western United States) for Fidelity National Financial (FNF), John decided to start an IT software and consulting company designed specifically to support and grow small businesses.

2008 | .NET Microsoft

Four years and hundreds of websites later, clients began contacting Data Titan to develop more robust solutions, solutions requiring database design, e-commerce and architecture. During 2008 and 2009, Data Titan expanded operations to include development for systems using MySQL, .NET, PERL and ROR.

2009 | New Offices

Having grown to seven full-time employees on-shore, and nine full-time developers off-shore, we opened our first office at Blanco Road and Wurzbach Parkway in San Antonio. We remained at this location until December 2013.

2011 | Wire Atlas

After two years of intensive research and process development, we began offering Wire Altas, our exclusive, proprietary technology wireframing and custom application development solution, for companies requiring complex software and database architecture and design.

2011 | Joint TEA/Edvance Research Project

In 2011, Data Titan wins major development contract for a joint venture project between the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Edvance Research, with sponsorship provided by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. This project was completed in 2013.

2012 | $1MM+ Contract

Data Titan is awarded its first $1,000,000+ contract to develop a dental application serving dental practices nationwide. Due to its complexity, this project continued for five years, with a budget of over $4,000,000.

2013 | Data Titan moves out West to Arizona

After 12 months of tough discussions and constant debate, but to better support our continued growth with companies on the West coast, Data Titan moved it's Texas headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona.

2015 | Office Atlas SaaS

With over 29,000 office developments in three states, and a three-tiered SaaS application system (HOA Atlas, Office Atlas and Building Atlas), Data Titan constructs a first of its kind ancestry SaaS portal. To date, this platform continues to evolve and is slated for ALPHA release in 2022.

2016 | Data Titan begins Offering RSE, DRP and Technology Consulting Services

After watching some very successful applications fail to gain a foothold in the marketplace, post release of a developed platform, we realized that many of our clients, especially start-ups, needed additional support post launch in the areas of marketing, deployment consulting, disaster recovery plans (DRP's), and for our more established clients in business more than five years, reverse software engineering (RSE's).

2018 | New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Atomic Clock Project

Working in conjunction with three other companies, Data Titan is contracted to design the new Atomic Clock application system for the New York Stock Exchange. When completed, the developed application allowed hundreds of thousands of stock traders to conduct trades up to one-thousandth of a second before market closure.

2020 | Data Titan converts to an “All-Remote” Company

Due to the nature of software development, on-line meeting tools and support, coupled with the global pandemic, and in order to keep and attract new talent, Data Titan converts operations to an "All-Remote" workforce, allowing everyone in the company to work remotely, regardless of physical location, with staff now operating in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Albuquerque, New Mexico.