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At Data Titan, we understand the value and importance of software documentation. In fact, we’ve written thousands of documents for software applications, database systems, and mobile apps. These include projects where Data Titan served as the developer, as well as projects for private companies and software firms that outsource their technical writing needs to Data Titan.

The first step is to meet with your company to confirm whether we are the best fit for your project. Our focus is on the small business enterprise and specifically, companies with less than 200 employees in B2b, medical, bio-medical, research, manufacturing, real estate, logistics, finance, and insurance marketplace. Once establishing a business relationship, we go straight to work. Our process includes:

  • Determining the delivery system, whether written, video, or both
  • Determining the delivery system, whether written, video, or both
  • Providing full-screen casting of your software, editing, voice-over audio and when requested, specialized role-playing voice talent
  • Identifying the documentation release priorities and expected velocity
  • Establishing naming schemas and versioning controls
  • Creating user stories, including the type of user, the user’s goal, and the technical steps required to accomplish the goal

Identifying improvement plans to prevent future technical debt

To learn more, schedule an online remote introduction meeting or to receive our “Five Key Benefits to Documentation” brochure, please call (623) 845-2747.