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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".  This is the first precept to education and its premise is simple.  A solid education can provide anyone everything they need to have a richer life and excel in his/her professional and personal life.  At Data Titan, we understand the importance of corporate education and training in the workplace, and we provide educational training services to small- and mid-sized companies with less than two-hundred employees.

At Data Titan, we've developed thousands of technical documents and produced hundreds of hours of corporate video training content for B2c and B2b companies across the country, and we work carefully to help your company achieve six key objectives, including;

1)  Disperse tribal knowledge, this to ensure that processes and change management systems don't walk out the door when key personnel leave the company.

2)  Providing company personnel the training they need to lessen the learning curve, allowing company employees to "ramp-up" more quickly, be challenged and become more productive.

3)  Maximizing each employee's time by producing quality training content that yields consistency across the enterprise.

4)  Reducing operational process mistakes, miscommunications and wasted time.  When everyone performs the same duties consistently, everyone wins.  When processes change, training documentation can be quickly updated and delivered, allowing employees to receive the right training, when needed, consistently, on any process.

5)  Having a happier, more productive work force.  Happy employees are productive employees.  No one likes ambiguity -- no one.  By having a consistent set of training documents, video media and materials, employees remain clear on how to perform their job(s).  When these objectives are clear, employees are more productive, and happier as a result.

6)  The ability to innovate and adopt innovative technologies.  When processes are clearly defined and followed, they often reveal inefficiencies that would otherwise never be found, and when its cost efficient to do so, allow for the introduction of recent technologies that further improves processes within your organization.

Education & Training Services

How-to documents
CE/CPE/MCE Courses
Licensing Courseware
Instructional Handbooks
Policies & Procedures
Modular Video Lessons
Corporate Training Videos
Educational Video Production (script writing, filming and post-production)
Educational Video Editing
Video Tutorials
Explainer Videos
YouTube Videos and channel management
Demo Videos
Instructional Videos
On-Site Instructional Training

To learn more about and watch our " Data Titan's Five Step Guide to Better Training" video, explaining how we work with our clients to produce the right training solution for your company, as well as how we can save your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity and time, call us at 623-845-2747.